Sunday, April 15, 2018

Exploring is our passion!

J&M Explorations

Within the passageways and careworn walls of structures long forgotten,  lies history, imprinted memories of the past and the soft whispers of souls who once gave breath of life to these crumbling walls engulfed by time.  There are those who look away in disgust, blind to the beauty within.  There are others who enter with malice,  callous and careless, they leave their marks through destruction and filth.  And then there are the explorers.  Curious to history, architecture and the beauty of decaying walls, they seek to find adventure and inspiration within.   We are Jennifer and Marcel of J&M Explorations, two best friends who found within each other love, inspiration, and a mutual passion for exploration and adventure.  As urban exploration begins its journey into the limelight, it is our desire to share our adventures with other explorers, learn from those around us who share the same affection for abandoned places and to promote respectful and peaceful journeys into the dwellings that hold such antiquity and elegance within it's decay.  We look forward to hearing from you and in your sharing your adventures with us!  

Do whatever makes you feel alive!! 

-Jennifer and Marcel

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