Sunday, April 29, 2018

This Game isn't for everybody....only the sexy people!! Geocaching with J&M

Geocaching with J&M

Who says that every adventure needs to be a swash buckling venture riddled with mass amounts of danger, tribulation and risk?   Contrary to what some may think of the two of us, we are not always searching through pitch black and potentially rat infested tunnels, graffiti stained insane asylums and long ago forgotten structures with fragile floorboards.     Many days you can find us in the beautiful woodlands that surround us here in the Northeast.    We have always enjoyed our hikes through any condition that mother nature gives to us and can be found year round walking hand in hand through sunshine, rain, sleet, or snow, in the boiling heat of summer or striking chill of winter.   Exploring can be whatever you want it to be!   It wasn’t too long ago that we (okay, it was mostly the J of J&M, but M puts up with most of my shenanigans) began to collect treasures from almost every walk we went on.   Heart shaped rocks,  abandoned golf balls, stones with skull faces, nails from old mill sites, odd bones from mysterious animals,  beautiful sea sculpted shells and so many more…too many to list without boring the pants off of everyone who eventually may read this.     A curious assortment of trinkets and natural oddities, but to us, to me…they are sweet memories with my best friend, and if you haven’t figured it out by now….my love.    With all of the adoration that has come along with finding such wonders during our everyday walks, just imagine how excited I was when Marcel discovered (a quick shout out to Mr. Fables who has an extremely fun to watch YouTube channel)  Geocaching!!      Geocaching by definition (thank you Wikipedia) is…” an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches", at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world.   If you have not yet had the pleasure of this wonderful way to get off your couch and get out there, then we urge you to do some research of your own and check this great outdoor activity out!!    From websites to mobile apps, everything you need to know is right at your fingertips!   There are a few rules along the way, and we recently found out that if you make a newbie mistake, you will be notified immediately, but overall it has been an amazing new activity that goes along perfectly with our explorations!!   You won’t believe your eyes when you see how many places your geocaching  journey can take you to.  And,  guess what??  You won’t even have to turn in your “cool” card because the coolest guy I have ever known (That would be Marcel)  proudly geocaches in the midst of our extremely cool and never ever nerdy urban exploration adventures!!     If you find yourself geocaching on our recommendation or if you have been geocaching for years, we would love to hear from you, and we would love to hear your favorite geocache story!!   As always, feel free to leave a comment or shoot us an email!   And for the sake of everything completely cool and non-nerdy….Do whatever makes you feel alive!!!

-Jennifer and Marcel

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