Monday, May 14, 2018


J&M Explorations

My eyes are getting droopy as I write this, yet I am so very excited to share our weekend at Rose Island, which is nestled so beautifully in Newport Harbor in Rhode Island, with you.  My pen (aka fingers on the keyboard) will flow freely and you will eventually be able to read all about it, but for now, I must present a shameless, yet totally worth it plug for our YouTube channel.  It's true!!  You can actually watch us on our adventures and, although we are just getting started and have not yet polished all of our superstar (well, J hasn't...M on the other hand, is a total natural!) in front of the camera qualities, we are, in my humble opinion, pretty fun to watch!  Now, a little warning...we are not history experts or production masters.  We don't have fancy graphics and background music.  We are just two adventurous best friends that love to ham it up in front of the camera and would love nothing more than to take you along for the ride! goes....shameless plug!!  Subscribe to our YouTube channel and subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!!  We are looking for feedback and ways that we can bring more adventure to you!    We are excited for this new quest and want you to be a part of it!

So like, enjoy and subscribe!  Make sure to leave a comment for suggestions, ideas or just to say hello!!   Stay tuned for a fully detailed blog on our adventure at Rose Island and as always....

Do whatever makes you feel alive!!!

- Jennifer and Marcel

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